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Child Care Expansion

Child Care Expansion Updates 

Child Care Provider Expansion Initiative

❗ CCPEI UPDATE: As of 11/22/23, the submission window for the CCPEI has ended and applications are no longer being accepted. 

✔️ Technical Assistance for the Child Care Provider Expansion Initiative is offered free of charge by the Texas Workforce Commission. Watch our video to learn more about the supports that are available to you. 

Child Care Expansion Initiative

Texas Workforce Commission has launched a new initiative to build the supply of high-quality child care across Texas! The initiative provides support to child care businesses creating new child care capacity after the licensing eligibility cutoff date for Child Care Relief Funding (which was February 28, 2022), specifically to offset costs incurred during launch and the first few months of operation. All CCEI applications have closed and no longer accepting submissions.  More information about child care-employer partnerships can be found here.

Child Care Expansion Initiative Application

Application Resources

Additional Resources

  • TWC and Child Care Regulation's Roadmap to Success for new providers (English) (Spanish)

* Applicants who fail to meet these deadlines will be declined for funding.


Eligibility and Funding

Both home-based and center-based child care businesses are eligible to apply for funding if they plan to expand the capacity of their existing child care business or open a new child care business, on or after March 1, 2022, and must be operating in a documented partnership with an employer or consortium of employers to provide care for their employees’ children.

The application deadline for child care businesses located within a child care desert of those eligible by increasing infant capacity was December 31, 2022. Applications for deserts and infant-only expansions are no longer being accepted.

Two types of awards are available. Start-up awards are for child care businesses that have not yet received their new or modified child care license and Initial Operating awards are available after the new or modified child care license has been received.

Start-up Awards (Child Care Deserts and Employer Partnerships)

Type of Program

Increased Capacity   (new slots only)


Licensed Center

101 or more










Licensed Home

Up to 12


Registered Home

Up to 4


Start-Up Awards (Infant Care)

$2,000 / new infant slot*

*Start-Up Awards for Infant Care can be combined with the Start-up Award amounts shown above, if expanding in a child care desert or with an employer partnership

Initial Operating Award
Child Care Desert and Employer Site-Based Initial Operating Awards New Provider capacity x Market Rate Survey 75th Percentile Average Daily Market Rate for All Ages x 3 months (63 days)
Child Care Infant Initial Operating Award New Infant Capacity x Market Rate Survey 75th Percentile Average Market Daily Rate for Infants x 3 months (63 days)


Child Care Provider and Employer Partnerships