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Expansion Introduction

Expansion Initiative Application Guide: Introduction 

Child Care Provider Expansion Initiative Application Guide

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has launched a new statewide Child Care Provider Expansion Initiative to assist with expanding the supply of high-quality child care in the state of Texas. The Initiative provides funding for eligible child care providers who will increase the availability of child care slots on or after March 1, 2022. As a post-Child Care Relief Fund (CCRF) funding opportunity, the Initiative continues the critical funding of child care businesses throughout the state that began with the CCRF in 2021.

Child Care Relief Fund 2021
Funding fora providers registered or licensed by May 1, 2021
Child Care Relief Fund 2022
Funding for providers registered or licensed by February 28, 2022
Child Care Provider Expansion Intiative
Funding for providers creating new capacity on or after March 1, 2022

This innovative funding will help children and families access child care by assisting qualifying child care businesses to offset costs associated with launching expanded operations and/or supporting the first few months of key operational and programmatic expenses.

Interested in applying?

How to tell if you are ready to grow your child care business.

There will be many providers that can benefit from funding through the Initiative. However, expansion or opening a new business is a huge undertaking and businesses should ensure they are ready to move forward with the necessary capacity, resources, and drive to attend to the process.

Successful applicants will:

  • Have a clear business plan and timeline for growth;
  • Secure demand in the market in which they currently serve or the market in which they intend to serve;
  • Have a clear staffing plan to support their growth;
  • Have a comprehensive financial plan to support sustainability; and
  • Demonstrate how they intend to provide increased value to the surrounding community and Texas child care industry through their expansion.

Are you a licensed or registered provider but not quite ready to expand? We understand and you can still access free one-on-one expert business coaching and free business resources to strengthen your child care business. Please visit, here you can sign up for coaching or browse guides and videos on a variety of child care business topics.

To learn more, view the Expansion Checklist on

How are the Awards Calculated?

Awards for the Child Care Provider Expansion Initiative are calculated using the licensed capacity of a child care business, specifically new capacity that is created during opening or expanding. Capacity is defined in the Texas Administrative Code as “the maximum number of children that a permit holder may care for at one time” (also defined in Minimum Standards for Licensed and Registered Child-Care Homes from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission).


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