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The federal government offered stimulus funding to help businesses impacted by the pandemic. Learn about these programs here. 

Pay Increases and Payroll Taxes

Learn how to navigate the increase in cost associated with raising employee compensation.

How do I Prepare for Tax Season?

Learn how to better prepare for taxes in 2021 and beyond.

How Does Relief Funding Affect Your Taxes?

Learn more about the impact of various relief funding programs on your taxes.

Time/Space Calculation

Learn how to account for common expenses incurred by in-home child care services.

Prorating Costs

Learn how to prorate your business costs when your child care business is a subunit of a larger enterprise

Self-Assessing Taxes Online

Learn how to evaluate your taxes with the Confidence in Quality Tax Rubric App


 Review the basics of depreciation and how it works so you can understand when you need to prepare for higher taxes and when you don’t.

Tax Credits

What tax credits are available for center and home-based child care businesses?

Maximizing Your Tax Deductions: Employing Your Child: 

Learn how you can maximize your tax deductions during tax time by employing your child.

Child Care Tax Opportunities: Transportation and Food Costs

Learn how to deduct these expenses on your taxes to save money

Taxes Around Selling A House: 

Learn how taxes will apply, and for how much, if you plan to sell your home.

What is a Capitalization Policy?

How to organize and implement a capitalization policy to best benefit your small business

Form 1099

A step-by-step guide to understanding, issuing, and receiving Forms 1099

Important Tax Changes to Payment Apps

Learn about changes to the 1099-K for this year's tax season

Child Care Employment Law

Learn how to classify your staff with When is Someone a Contractor or an Employee? View Town Hall on Child Care Employment Law hosted by Commissioner Aaron Demerson

Form 2553

Learn how to fill out IRS Form 2553 and maximize your business benefits

Reasonable Compensation

How classification as an S Corp or an LLC treated as an S Corporation allows for reasonable compensation and distributions and how to calculate them

Overlooked  Deductions

Save money at tax time by not missing out on these opportunities

How Can I Hire My Spouse?

Hiring your spouse as part of your child care business

Key Deductions

Learn more about important tax deductions that you can take advantage of as a child care business owner

S Corporation Guide

Learn more about important information for S corporations

Business Use of Home

Learn how business use of home deductions may apply to you and how to use them